August 1, 2018

Contract Cutting & Sewing

Since 1978 we’ve cut & sewn for the best. What’s your challenge? Call 800-673-6341 with your fabric fabrication project.

  1. Company: (A Body Armor Company)
    Time Frame: October 2001 to Present
    Products: OTV, IOTV Body Armor Outer Vest Ensemble
    Production Volume: 1,100,000 Units
  2. Company: (A Body Armor Company)
    Time Frame: March 2003 to Present
    Products: OTV, IOTV Body Armor Outer Vest, Tactical assault Panels
    ELCS Kit, Spear Vest
    Production Volume: 390,000 Units
  3. Company: (A Body Armor/ Tactical Equipment Company)
    Time Frame: November 2003 to Present
    Products: Outer Vest for Body Armor, Assault Packs, Cases, Bags,
    Product Volume: 425,000 Units
  4. Company: (An Assault Pack Company)
    Time Frame: May 2004 to Present
    Products: Navy Seal Assault Packs
    Production Volume: 2,000 Units
  5. Company: (A Body Armor Company)
    Time Frame: September 2009 to Present
    Products: IOTV Outer Vest
    Production Volume: 110,000 Units
  6. Company: (A Body Armor Company)
    Time Frame: March 2007 to Present
    Products: DHS Carry Bags
    Production Volume: 20,300 Units
  7. Company: Tumi, Inc. – Middlesex, New Jersey
    Time Frame: June 1982 to March 2002
    Products: Luggage
    Production Volume: 2,500,000 Units

At Your Service

  • Cutting Room
    • Gerber Accu -Mark Pattern Grading and Marker-Making System
    • 2 Gerber System Computerized Cutting Machines
    • Standard knife cutting
  • Die Cutting – 20″ X 40″ clickers and 40″ X 68″ beam press
  • Hot/Cold Strip Cutting
  • Slitting equipment
  • Shearing equipment
  • Sewing machines
    • full feature electronic single needle, double needle, long arm, cylinder arm, bar tackers—programmable – heavy, medium, and light duty – 700 machines in total.
  • Complete leather working equipment
  • Stamping/embossing
  • Riveting & grommet equipment
  • Embroidery/screen printing
  • Product assembly, warehousing, shipping

Technical Service Capabilities

  • Full staff of GSD-certified industrial engineers
  • New Product Development Department
  • New Product Manager – 20 years of experience in the development of sophisticated lines of military gear, sewn/fabricated industrial products, and consumer products.
  • Sample Shop – we have complete capabilities to produce finished samples of any military gear, sewn/fabricated industrial products, or consumer products.
  • Fully-equipped mechanical shop capable of designing and manufacturing equipment, labor-saving devices, work aids, tacker clamps, etc.

Production Facilities and Capabilities

  • Three state-of-the-art plants in South Georgia employing highly skilled sewing machine operators, in addition to other related production workers.
  • 140,000 sq ft of manufacturing space
  • Complete in-line statistical Quality Assurance Program.
  • Computerized scheduling
  • Vestibule Training Program staffed with Training Supervisors and instructors

Human Capital

  • All SLW associates undergo extensive orientation and job- skills training and are tracked with an on-the-floor 4 – 16 week training curve program.
  • All SLW associates undergo continuous quality assurance, safety and new-product training.

Experience on site, fully engaged management with a highly trained and motivated workforce.

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