August 8, 2018

About Us

SLW is a state-of-the-art, contract Cut & Sew Manufacturer specializing in subcontract work for Primes.

Our work is Made in America since our founding in 1978. Our reputation is reinforced every day by bringing Innovation, Service, Value and Quality to every cut and sew project. Additionally, SLW provides large and small volume fabric fabrication services for custom products involving cutting, sewing and fabric assembly.

A proud tradition…

  • Company founded in 1978 by Allen C. Rice and David R. Rice with $5,000, one associate, and one sewing machine.
  • Founding company philosophy
    Deliver quality, innovation, and service in all of our dealings with associates, customers, and suppliers. By consistently delivering on these three principals, we will deliver the ultimate benefit to all: value
  • Solid reputation as a contract manufacturer of state of the art military gear, body armor components, tactical military gear and sewn/fabricated industrial/consumer products
    Thousands of satisfied customers. References available.
  • Greatest strength – our people
    Highly skilled, motivated, and loyal work force. Thousands of man-years of sewing/fabricating experience. No job is too small, too large, or too complicated. Experienced management staff – onsite every day, can do, quick change attitude, with a vision for the future.

What we can make…

  • Virtually any sewn, fabricated product – nylon, polyester, canvas, Kevlar, and Nomex
  • Body armor components
  • Tactical nylon gear
  • Harness – nylon and polyester
  • Thousands of different types of bags – various materials
  • Luggage – ballistic nylon, canvas, Cordura, and packcloth
  • Welding Curtains – Nomex and coated fabrics
  • Safety Products – various materials
  • Backpacks – nylon, polyester, and coated fabrics
  • Medical Equipment – nylon, vinyl, and Cordura
  • Slings – nylon and polyester
  • Aircraft Components – Nomex and Kevlar
  • Straps – nylon, polyester, and cotton
  • Fabric Covers – nylon, acrylic, and vinyl
  • Protective Clothing/Equipment
  • And we assemble, warehouse, and drop ship

For a complete list of SLW Equipment and Machines see Contract Cutting & Sewing.

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